Sri Lanka

According to the most renowned publications in the world of tourism like Lonely Planet, The Traveller and The National Geographic, Sri Lanka is one of the top ranking countries to be visited. We may explain why

Sri Lanka is a very beautiful island, located south east of India. It is indeed called “The pearl of the Indian Ocean” for it’s enchanting beauty.

The most important aspect of this island is that a large number of diversities are concentrated in a small geographic area making it possible to explore the whole country in about 15-20 days.

Generally speaking the distance from North to South is about 400 kilometres while the distance from west to east is around 250 kilometres.

Well , what can you do in Sri Lanka ? Pse refer to the tourist map for locations.

Apart from doing an interesting cultural tour and beach holiday you may also do the following

Useful Infrormation For Those Who Intend Visiting

  • Type of Government – Democratic Socialist Republic.
  • Current Political situation – Peaceful with a record boom in tourism industry
  • Visa – it’s obligatory to obtain a valid visa prior to arrival. You must have a passport with at least 6 months’ validity. You can obtain visa on line. The relative cost per person is 20 USD. The link –
  • Dresses – Visitors must bring light clothes preferably that of cotton and light shoes – Those who intend visiting hill country during the cultural tour, must bring one light jacket as the temperature in the mountains will be around 10-12 degrees, and in January even lower than 10 degrees For visiting temples, please bring some socks as one should enter bare feet.
  • Electricity – 230 volts /60Hzs – Electric wall plugs with 3 triangular holes, so only electric wall plugs with 2 leads can be used .
  • Driving – Right hand driving everywhere in the island. You can drive only if you have a valid international driving licence, but this is NOT advisable.
  • General Information –
    • Land Area –65,610 square kilometers
    • Population-19.5 million
    • Capital(commercial) – Colombo
    • Literacy rate –92.5%
    • Languages-Mother tongue Sinhalese & Tamil
    • English is widely spoken.
    • Ethnic Mix – Sinhalese 74%,Tamil 18%,Muslims 7%,Burgher 7%
    • Religion – Buddhism 70%, Hinduism 16%, Christianity 7%, Islam 7%
  • Climate- Low Lands – Tropical average 27-28 degrees Celsius Central Hill country – Cooler with temperatures dropping to 14.
  • Rainfall – The South West monsoon brings rain to the Western, Southern and Central regions from May- July.The North Eastern monsoon brings rain to the North and East from December – January.
  • Staple Food- Typical rice and curry with a lot of fresh fish. In big hotels, both local and International cuisine is available.
  • Airlines operating to Sri Lanka –
    • From Italy: – Emirates with transit at Dubai. / Qatar Airways with transit at Doha. / Sri Lankan Airlines from Milan and Rome (direct flights). / Ethihard Airways with transit at Doha.
    • From France: – Sri Lankan Airlines (direct flights) – Emirates
    • From Germany : – Sri Lankan Airlines (direct flights ) from Frankfurt – Emirates
  • Time of flight – Around 10 hrs from Europe with direct flight.

Tour Map Of Sri Lanka